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It all started when...

Well, when I was three, but that's another story. I tour, all the time. Sometimes I'm touring as a comic, other times I'm touring as a personality, and then, I'm touring as a thespian. Currently I have four shows ready to go to engage audiences at theater festivals, black box theaters, and campus special events. I can even come and teach your folks how to turn their personal story into a work of stage art.


To T or Not To T

D'FaQTo Life


RAMBLE-Ations: A One D'Lo Show




Born Queer into a Tamil-Sri Lankan Hindu family and raised by Hip Hop
Written and Performed by D’Lo
Directed by Adelina Anthony
All Instrumental Tracks by D’Lo


Weaving personal stories through poetry, music, comedy and video, D’Lo also presents a parade of characters, real and imaginary. These diverse, flawed characters come to share their stories — exploring contradictions of existing in America where one’s immigrant traditions and culture are constantly challenged; battling against ignorance, even in friendships and relationships; and finally, reflecting stories of love that show D’Lo’s belief that “you can’t call yourself a revolutionary if you have a problem being nice.”

Ramble-Ations: A One D’Lo Show is a National Performance Network Creation Fund Project co commissioned by New World Theatre in partnership with Pangea World Theater and the National Performance Network. NPN and the NPN Creation Fund is sponsored by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Ford Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Altria, and the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency). More information at www.npnweb.org.

This particular production was made possible with generous support from the Durfee Foundation.


“Impressive versatility…” – NYTheatre.com

“Ramble-Ations…takes us on a cultural and gender journey that has never been explored in quite this way.” – Richard Dodds, Bay Area Reporter Full Review »
[LINK TO Richard Dodds Article MEDIA/NEWS/05]

“D’Lo’s humor, pathos, and d’lightful d’meanor keep the audience engaged at all times.” – Mike Ward, Bay Times Full Review » [LINK TO  MEDIA/NEWS/04]



'Defunct (dih-fuhngkt):no longer operative or valid no longer in effect or use; not operating or functioning having ceased to exist or live; dead.'

No matter how free we think we are, fierce queers and folks of color are being challenged daily in merely surviving; fighting against being defunct.

D’FunQT (pronounced defunct) is filled with D’Lo’s humorous musings, rants and stories of being a queer boy/stud/transgendered person who grew up in a strict immigrant family, trying to make it all work peacefully while radically and bizarrely challenging mindframes in choosing to exist unapologetically.

This show is my gift to the communities I identify with: Fierce Folks of Color, Queers, QT’s and yes, Islanders. I want to give my people a break. A moment to exhale in peace, To celebrate in laughter, To feel accepted in all your glory amongst other good people.

d'FaQTo Life

(pronounced “De Facto” Life)
A show by an infiltrator who lives underground, conspiring ways to make you think and laugh in no particular order.

De Facto (de fac·to):
in practice but not necessarily ordained by law. actually existing, esp. when without lawful authority existing in fact, whether legally recognized or not

Using excerpts from D’s different solo shows, D’FaQTo Life (pronounced De Facto) is roller-coaster ride of emotions with stories executed through stand-up, spoken word/poetry, and theater. D’Lo explores topics relating to South Asia and transgender social justice from the perspective of being a child of immigrant parents, raised in hip hop culture while trying to negotiate how identifying as “queer” intersected with a passion to create political art.

Ideal for College/University Circuit because of low technical requirements, easy load in/out. Option for a talkback available depending on travel time.